Orange Grove RV Park

Orange Grove RV Park
4901 East State Hwy 107 
Edinburg, Texas  78541   
 Telephone (956) 383-7931

                  Email:   PARKINFO@OGRVP.COM

Welcome to Orange Grove RV Park,

Our park started out as a family owned Orange Grove.  When the decision was made to turn it into an RV park, we made sure to leave many of the original orange trees in place.  Today, while orange trees dominate the park, many of these orange trees have been replaced with a variety of other citrus trees.

We have been serving Winter Texans in Sunny South Texas for 39 years now.  We have over 500 spaces in our park all with wireless internet (wifi).  Whether you choose to drive or pull your R.V., or even setup a park model or mobile, we will do our best to take care of your needs.

If you asked our guests what sets us apart from the other R.V. Parks in South Texas, the answer you would hear the most is, "The People".  And we would agree, we believe we have the best group of Winter Texans around.  Stop in this year and see for yourself.

Rosemary Hensley-Original Owner
David Hensley-Park Manager

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